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Sangini Diamond Jewellery was originally introduced by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), before being handed over to Gitanjali Gems Ltd. Sangini is an expression of love and affection expressed by an admirer for his beloved, and a sign that reinforces his commitment to her. By gifting her Sangini diamond jewellery he reaffirms the unique bond shared by them and conveys that she holds a distinct position in his heart and his life. Sangini Jewellery is based on the Twist and Turns, signifying the ups and downs encountered in a growing relationship, eventually resulting in a strong special bond. Online shopping of diamond jewellery is now available on Yebhi in a quite easy way.

Sangini is a brand which is focused on relationships and the importance of the woman partner. Sangini Diamond Jewellery is reasonably priced to make it affordable for the prospective customers who fall in the range from middle and upper middle class to the niche elite class. Sangini is advertised through all major mediums like TV, Press, Magazines, Outdoors,Events, Exhibitions, Local Activities, Sales Promotions, PR, etc. Bollywood Stars Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor are the brand ambassadors for Sangini diamond jewellery. Buy Sangini Diamond Jewellery Online on Yebhi.

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