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Glen Electric Cooker 2 products
glen gl3059 1 litre rice cooker

glen gl3059 1 litre rice cooker

glen gl3059 1 litre rice cooker


glen gl3056 deluxe 1 8 litre rice cooker

glen gl3056 deluxe 1 8 litre rice cooker

glen gl3056 deluxe 1 8 litre rice cooker



About Electric Cooker

An electric cooker is any device that uses electrical elements to cook food. Electrical cookers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, where some are generic to allow the cooking of a wide range of foods while some are specifically suited to a particular food item. Electric cookers are easy to maintain and clean as also reduce the hassle of gas cooking and reduce the cooking time of food. These appliances are easy to use and install and get heated up quickly to provide a higher heat range to cook the food.

The basic design of an electric cooker involves a heating coil or grill that rapidly gets heated when an electric current is passed through it. The heat is then directed onto a hot plate fixed above the heating unit.

A slow cooker is the most commonly used type of an electric cooker that is a deep pot with a lid. These are available in varying volume sizes and can be used to cook a variety of foods like rice, soups, stew, etc. some high end devices have preset options for time and temperature that make cooking easy and hassle free. Rice cookers are specifically designed to cook rice. Electric grills can also be included under the domain of electric cookers and these are small griddle like devices with heating plates on the top and bottom for even heat distribution. Considering the needs of modern times, many retail brands stock Electric Cooker. But there is no need for you to step out as you can buy Electric Cooker online, right from the confines of your home. You can easily buy Electric Cooker from Yebhi, one of India's leading online shopping portals, without fretting over the quality and timely delivery and too at affordable rates.

About Glen

Glen appliances are known for their unmatched quality and their sleek features which make this brand a household name across the country. Its products are crafted for the discerning buyers of this country who always look for something special at good value for money. Today, this brand is one of the leading producers of quality home appliances. Over the years, this brand has identified the fact that quality service is the only way to win the hearts of the target audience. This is the only parameter which decides the fate of the brand in the market. Glen products in India have a lot of fans. It manufactures a wide range of superior quality home appliances that continue to delight Indian home makers. Glen totally understands the ever evolving needs of the consumers and tailors its products according to the market dynamics. All its products are developed after intensive research and development and they are a perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

The all new Glen steam iron is a perfect answer to flatten out those wrinkles from your clothes in a quick and hassle free manner. This steam iron from Glen delivers best performance and comes with adjustable temperature control for different kinds of fabrics. This iron from Glen is extremely safe on delicate clothes. Its ergonomic design helps you to rest the iron in a vertical position without falling. Now you can conveniently buy Glen appliances in India that come with incredible durability and trouble free usage. This brand aims to be the leading brand for household appliances that employs advanced technology in all its products. You can buy Glen appliances online on, one of India’s leading online shopping portals.

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