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salona bichona purple cotton diwan set

salona bichona purple cotton diwan set

salona bichona purple cotton diwan set

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About Diwan Set

The term diwan is often used interchangeably with couch or sofa, but more specifically refers to a couch with pillows for its back and arms.

Diwans received this name because they were generally found along the walls in Middle Eastern council chambers of a bureau called divan or diwan. The sofa/couch sense was taken into English in 1702.

A standard or traditional couch is designed with three seat cushions, cushioned arms or sides and a cushioned back. The back might be domed or square, but it extends high enough to support the entire back of a person seated on it. A diwan can also have three seat cushions, but in most cases the back is very low and unpadded. A set of two diwans which are meant to be purchased together and form a single unit of decor is called a diwan set . Usually they are considered a classic choice in diwan sets.

Additionally, luxurious diwan set typically comes with five pieces; a sofa, loveseat or chair, coffee table, and two end tables. Online shopping of home products like Diwan sets is much easier when done online since you can choose from a wide range at the comfort of your home. Any diwan set that you purchase depends on how much space you have and how much seating you need. The sets are available in different colours, materials and designs which aim at catering to different sensibilities.Buy online from Yebhi for the best of deals on diwan sets.

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