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polo stainless steel vacuum bottle

polo stainless steel vacuum bottle

polo stainless steel vacuum bottle



About Home and Kitchen

Home is where the heart is! Therefore, one must ensure to select only the best appliances and decorative items when it comes to home & kitchen. Kitchen appliances, home furnishing, home ware, home decor, etc. are all important in completing a home and making it look beautiful. Home and Kitchen appliances make our lives simpler and better, as well as make many of our household chores easy. Buying home and kitchen appliances can be a tedious task if you are not completely aware of the specifications and the features you want. Home and Kitchen appliances are available in the market in unique and smart designs for those who want to add a new dimension to their home decor. You can now buy home and kitchen appliances online, which will save you from a lot of unnecessary hassles like comparing prices of products from different brands. You can buy Home and Kitchen appliances from, India's largest online shopping portal, as it has an exhaustive collection of appliances from the best brands. Yebhi will provide you genuine products at great discounts along with the manufacturer's guarantee.

About Bottles and Flasks

Bottles/flasks are a major necessary item in a kitchen range. Fancy Bottles, sippers, flasks enhance the kitchen d?or apart from serving the basic function of storing items. Hip flasks can pep up your kitchen storage and is great for keeping your kitchen counter clutter free. Online shopping of flasks allows you to choose form a wide range of colours and designs, Sippers are Fantastic party favors and a unique drinkware, Whether having a party or just love awesome products. Sippers are a trend and they come in various style and colours. With bottles and flasks in place, your kitchen looks more organised and proper. Since everything gets stored in colourful bottles and jars, there is more space inthe kitchen and you can work in a better way.

The glossy finish and the vibrant colours like pink, blue, silver, black, etc. enhances the aesthetics of the design and are sure to spruce up your kitchen with subtle style. Purchasing bottles and flasks from retail outlets can be daunting task and requires quality time investment, however with a just a click of the mouse you can buy Bottles/flasks from Yebhi at discounted rates. Buy Bottles/flasks from a plethora of brands Online on Yebhi, India's largest online shopping portal and enjoy free shipping.

About Vacuum Bottle

Vacuum bottles are great devices for storing hot and cold drinks, but not all the bottles can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. If you want a vacuum bottle that is impact resistant, a stainless steel bottle would be perfect for you. Vacuum bottles should be lightweight, durable, easy for cleaning and pour-through stopper. A vacuum bottle helps maintain its contents at a temperature higher or lower than ambient temperature. In homes and in the food industry, vacuum bottle is often used to keep the liquid either cold or hot. Most vacuum bottle will keep liquid cool for about 24 hours, and also warm for up to 24 hours. The usability of vacuum bottles makes them ideal for taking coffee to office, packing a lunch that needs to stay hot or cold or refreshing yourself while hiking, biking or hunting. It's perfect for all occasions.

Online shopping of products like vacuum bottles is much easier to do since you do not have to physically exert yourself by visiting various stores. Yebhi provides you amazing products at great discounts along with the manufacturer's guarantee. Buy vacuum Bottles online in India on Yebhi, India's largest Online shopping store. You will not only get a huge variety of bottles but will also get amazing discounts on the products. Vacuum bottles are available in vibrant colours and trendy designs here.

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